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GET MA – German Turkish Masters Program in Social Sciences (M.A.)

GET MA - Global and European Transformations - is a double-degree Master's program in Social Sciences. Our program is designed to provide students from around the world with an excellent education and prepare them for international careers in diplomacy, public administration, policy consulting, journalism, NGOs, teaching or research. With the opportunity to study in two dynamic European capitals - Berlin, Germany, and Ankara, Türkiye - we offer our students a variety of academic and cultural perspectives and experiences.

Double Degree in Social Sciences

The English-taught GET MA program is offered by two leading universities: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara. All students spend the first year of the program together at METU before transferring to Berlin for the second year. Graduates receive a Master of Arts degree from both universities (double degree).

Interdisciplinary focus

The program is interdisciplinary: Renowned faculty provide analytical perspectives from various sub-disciplines of political science (international relations, comparative politics, political theory) and sociology (sociology of migration, transformation of societies). Through this multi-perspectivity, students acquire skills during their studies that they can use in their future careers.

Studying global and European transformations

The GET MA program provides an in-depth understanding of theoretical approaches to the analysis of transformation processes brought about by globalization, Europeanization and modernization: Challenges to the rule of law through populism, challenges to EU institutions through enlargement and neighborhood policy, changes in security policy through new global conflicts, effects of migration.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of these issues, we look at Germany and Turkey in their respective historical, economic and social contexts. Both countries look back on centuries of complex and intertwined history with both similarities and differences.

Today, both countries are of regional importance and their interests shape international politics: Germany as the largest member of the EU and Turkey as a bridge between Europe and Asia. This complexity and multifaceted nature makes a comparative view of both countries particularly valuable for the analysis of global and European transformations.

Comprehensive support and a network that lasts a lifetime

The GET MA program fosters a strong family community throughout the two years of study. It offers comprehensive academic and personal support, as well as an open door for questions and assistance. After graduation, alumni benefit from an active network. Students value the exposure to a vibrant global community that broadens their perspectives and builds long-term relationships.