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Kurse in Berlin

Winter semester

Colloquium: Professional Development - How to prepare your Masters thesis

Lehrende: Daniela Jahn, Dr. Claudia Matthes

This course has two components: It prepares students for the labour market and teaches them how to improve their CVs and cover letters. Via a series of meetings with alumni, it also provides many insights on how to continue after graduation. In the second part, two sessions cover all questions related to the writing of a masters thesis, i.e. finding a topic and formulating a research question.

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Seminar: German Democracy in Comparison - a Political Science Perspective

Lehrender: Dr. Ertug Tombus

This seminar investigated current conflicts in many societies by analysing the roots of populism and the decline of democratic practices in a comparative perspective. Students engage in intensive readings and discussions of actual attempts to curtail measures for holding political decision-makers accountable.

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Seminar: Germany in Change: Germany - a Federal System in Germany

Lehrende: Dr. Claudia Matthes

The colloquium offers the opportunity to discuss current aspects of domestic politics in Germany. It will provide students with the necessary background knowledge to understand the historical, institutional and socio-economic .

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Joint Seminar III: Governing Wider Europe

Lehrende: Dr. Claudia Matthes, Prof. Dr. Özlem Tür

Despite all challenges and shortcomings, the European Union (EU) is the most exciting contemporary political system. It is shaped, transformed and strengthened affecting the lives of vast populations, among them the German and Turkish society's and decision makers. This course explores the origins and motives behind the creation of the European Union and those areas where Germany and Turkey have special interests at stake. This threefold perspective allows students to carry out own projects in the field of the wider European Neighbourhood and makes them familiar with relevant theoretical approaches.

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Summer semester


In this course, students receive a deeper understanding of those methods and theories that they apply in their thesis-related research. They also have the opportunity to present their work in progress.