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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences

Students' Experiences

Diego Durán Cruz, Euromasters Graduate 2018 from Mexiko

EU-LAC Foundation, Germany

Diego Durán Cruz
Photo: private

"The Euromasters program is a benchmark within an academic/professional field whose nature requires a thorough comprehension to analyse its constantly-evolving challenges and attain its multidimensional objectives. For this, the programme does not only meet high academic standards but also paves the way for the continuous development of multisectorial skills that determine the success of its graduates in endeavours that enact change, within Europe and beyond; the structure of the programme itself is a medium for learning and experiencing a wide array of elements and processes -in multicultural settings- that enable students to adapt to and enact change.

I currently work at a recently established international organisation in Germany, whose mandate is to strengthen the bi-regional association between the EU, Latin America and the Caribbean. Without the experiences, learnings and perspectives obtained during my time at the programme, this would not have been possible with such impact."