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Curriculum Vitae


University Education


Studied Cultural Studies at Humboldt-University, Berlin.


Graduation (Dipl. phil.)


Study grant to do a doctorate in Sociology at Humboldt-University


Promotion A (Dr. phil.) with a dissertation on: “Fundamental questions in Marxist-Leninist sociology of the family”, Humboldt-University


Promotion B (Dr. sc. phil.) with a dissertation on “Gender socialization in the family and as a function of the social division of labor: An education sociology approach to explaining the formulation for female and male social identity”, Humboldt-University, Berlin

Professional Experience


Appointed to a lectureship at the Sociology Department of Humboldt-University at Berlin


Fellow of the Educational Sociology Department at the Academy of Educational Sciences of the GDR

Since 1987  

Fellow of the Sociology Institute at Humboldt-University, Berlin


Deputy Director of the Sociology Institute at Humboldt-University, Berlin


Appointed to a professorship (Dozentur) in the field of Sociological Theory at Humboldt-University, Berlin Lectures and seminars in Sociological theory


Dean of the Social Science Faculty, Humboldt-University, Berlin

Since 1992  

Full Professor, Humboldt-University, Sociology of Family, Youth and Gender (C 3), New title (1999) Sociology of work and gender


Co-Editor of the Berliner Journal für Soziologie, Berlin Journal of Sociology   

Administrative Experience


Member of the Senate of the German Research Foundation/Grant Committee on Research Training


Director of the Institute for Social Science, HU


State Secretary for Economy, Labour and Women at the Senate of the State of Berlin


Speaker of the Section of Women’s Studies of the German Sociological Association


Member of the Council of the German Sociological Association


Referee for empirical social research/member of the Review Board of the German Research Foundation


Director of the “Interdisciplinary Centre of Women’s Studies”, Humboldt-University, Berlin


Vice Speaker of the Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies at Humboldt-University


Speaker of the afg (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung Berliner Hochschulen), Network Gender and Women’s Studies of Berlin Universities

Recent Related Research Activities

“The integration of highly qualified migrant women into the German Labour market”, joint project with Hamburg University of Technology and RW TH Aachen University, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research 2009 – 2011

“Commodification and subjectivation of labour. The new politics of labour and gender relations at the working place” (funded by the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung 2006-2008)  - field of research Deutsche Bahn AG

Human Security and Culture, joint project with University of Toronto since 2005

„Female Skills Carrers in Banking” (funded by Hans-Böckler-Stiftung 2002; 2012-2013) – field of research Landesbank Berlin


Research Fields

Sociology of gender relations

Sociology of work

Sociology of the service sector

Societal and organizational transformation processes

Women’s and Gender Studies

German unification and gender relations


Honours, Awards, Grants, Fellowships, Memberships in Professional Societies

2008  Fellow of the Goethe Institute, Uzbekistan

2007  Fellow of the Goethe Institute, Karachi, Pakistan

2001  Visiting professor, University Wolverhampton, England

1999  Visiting professor, Seoul, Korea

1997  Visiting professor, Duke University, USA

1996  Visiting professor, Indiana University, USA

1995  Visiting professor, University of Toronto, Canada

1991  Guest fellow at the Social Science Research Centre Berlin

1995  Helge Pross Prize for Outstanding Research in the Field of Family and Gender Studies

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Collaborative Research Projects

Funding organisation: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research    

Project title: The integration of highly qualified migrant women into the German Labour market        

Function: Speaker   

Speaker University: Humboldt-University
Funding organisation: German Research Foundation    

Project title: Gender as a Category of Knowledge        

Function: member of the research training group    

Speaker University: Humboldt-University    


Industry cooperation/Contacts to Organizations

Deutsche Bahn AG

Landesbank Berlin



Senat of the State Berlin




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