Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences

Exams and Student Records

In order to pass a course, specific requirements must be fulfilled, which are outlined by the course leader.

These may include, on the one hand, tasks such as presentations, textual analyses etc. which are different depending on the course. Completion of these tasks is awarded with credit points (ECTS), but these tasks will not be graded!

On the other hand, the courses requirements may include tests (exams or term papers), which are conducted at the end of the semester. Normally, a separate registration is necessary for these tests, however, due to technical reasons, this is not possible for incoming foreign students. For this reason, exchange students must contact the course leader within the required time window (usually registration can be achieved simply my handing in an application directly to the course leader).

A certificate of credit (Schein or Leistungsschein, see below) must be filled out for all courses at the Department of Social Sciences as well as for language courses and for courses attended at other departments or universities at the end of the course. Students should fill out the top half of the formula (above the signature) and submit it to the course leader. They will fill out the grade and either return it to the student, or hand it in to the Erasmus Coordinator, as long as all of the relevant requirements for the course have been fulfilled. It is not a problem if other departments or Berlin Perspectives provide their own formulas for the certificate of credit. It should, however, be clear if a course has been passed or not and how many ECTS points were awarded as well as which grade was achieved. All certificates of credit must be signed and stamped!


BA Sozialwissenschaften: Leistungsnachweis Erasmus+/ Incoming Students

MA Sozialwissenschaften: Leistungsnachweis Erasmus+/ Incoming Students