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Thank you

Urban Citizenship in Zeiten der Krise: Dankeschön!

Projects like “Citizenship- Making in Times of Crisis” depend on many individuals and teams working together, but not all of them are eventually visible when the research is being published. We would like to thank our administrative colleagues at Bar Ilan University, Humboldt University and Roskilde University as well as our colleagues at Volkswagen Foundation for providing all the necessary infrastructure in the background. We would like to thank “Mesila”, the “Tel Aviv Food Security and Nutrition Program” and the “Keshet Elementary School” for their hospitality and for hosting us during our joint workshop in Tel Aviv in Spring 2022. Also, we would like to thank our colleagues Talja Blokland, Andrej Holm, Nina Margies, Henrik Schultze, Vojin Serbedzija and Robert Vief for their support and critical feedback; and Megan Saperstein for making the original artwork for this site. Finally, our most sincere thanks go to our interview partners in Berlin, Copenhagen and Tel Aviv. Without their time, expertise and willingness to work with us, we could not have realized this project.