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Welfare State Futures

Scientific Coordinator Welfare State Futures Program

Professor Ellen M. Immergut is Scientific Programme Coordinator for the research programme Welfare State Futures. As Scientific Programme Coordinator, she works to bring together researchers within and outside the programme, to increase the networking, capacity building and impact of the programme. In these efforts, Professor Immergut is supported by the Scientific Coordination Office, which is situated Humboldt University of Berlin and takes care of administration, coordination and PR. In addition, she is the project leader of HEALTHDOX, one of the participating research projects.

The Welfare State Futures programme is a transnational research programme that includes 15 projects addressing a wide variety of aspects of the welfare state and its future. It aims to re-think “the welfare state” with a program of innovative research designed to ask, and answer fundamental questions about the design, delivery and experience of welfare in the 21st century. It brings together researchers from 14 different European countries from a wide range of fields including sociology, economics, law, psychology and social policy. The project will tackle different spheres of the welfare state such as migration, social care, families, fairness, health, employment and popular support.

NORFACE is a network of 16 research funding agencies who organise joint research programmes in the social sciences. Previous programmes have addressed religion and migration, and the Welfare State Futures program is the third NORFACE programme. The European Commission supports NORFACE through contributions to its programmes and via ERA-NET funding. By bringing together research funders from all corners of Europe, NORFACE promotes the development of innovative thematic research programmes, and by doing so facilitates and builds new networks of research collaboration in the social sciences. 

Scientific Program Coordinator: Professor Ellen M. Immergut
Coordination Office: Thomas Wosnitza, Clara Stecklum
Operating Time: 1.4.2015-30.09.2019 
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