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KOSMOS Workshop "Gendering the European Parliament: Structures, Policies and Practices"

Institutions of the European Union like the European Commission and the European Parliament have undergone significant changes in the last 10-15 years. The Eastern enlargement has resulted in institutional changes, decision-making procedures have been modified with the Lisbon Treaty, and the responsibilities for gender equality policies have been reshuffled. Most recently the economic crisis and the results of the EP elections have impacted the composition and political priorities of the EP and thereby also affected the potential scope gender equality policy. The consequences of these changes for the EP relate, among other things, to the (ideological) composition of the Parliament, the increased role of its committees, as well as the power conferred to it. Taking an institutionalist approach to the study of the EP, the workshop addresses changes and continuities in recent years from a gender perspective. It asks how and why the EP, as an institution, is gendered and what the gendered impacts of recent changes are when it comes to the structures, policies and practices of the EP.


The workshop takes place from February 29 to March 2, 2016.


KOSMOS-Workshop, gefördert aus Mitteln des Zukunftskonzepts der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin im Rahmen der Exzellenzinitiative von Bund und Ländern.


Presentations of the workshop

Ahrens, Petra: "Gender Mainstreaming in the European Parliament"

Cengiz, Firat: "The EU Budget for Gender Equality"

Cullen, Pauline: "The European Parliament, Irish female MEPs and Feminist Activism in Ireland"

Kemper, Andreas: "The radicalization of European parties on conservative family values, and against tolerance, diversity and progressive gender equality policies"

van der Vleuten, Anna: "The EP as a constant promoter of gender equality: another European myth?"

Warasin, Markus: "“Keep Calm and Carry On” Agenda-Setting and the Work of Femm"

Zimmermann, Julia Maria: "“Nous Allons Le Faire Pour 50% de Notre Population” Constructing Gender in the Debates of the European Parliament"