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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - General Sociology



Structure of the courses offered

The chair of general sociology offers a variety of courses about classical and contemporary sociological theories, systematic problems like differentiation, inequality and conflict. The offer includes seminars ("Proseminar"), lectures and advanced seminars ("Vertiefungsseminar") in the Bachelor program as well as courses in the department's Master program.

For a list of courses offered in the current semester see Current Courses.


The theoretical program

The lecture on sociological theory, incuding the corresponding seminars ("Grundkurse") is offered by the chair of general sociology every two years in the winter semester.


The chair's colloquium

The colloquiums offers the opportunity to regularly present and discuss research projects in the field of general sociology. Participation is possible after registration at the secretary's office.


Reading list

This reading list aims at students and should facilitate an introduction to the classical and contemporary works of general sociology: Reading list.