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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Comparative Political Sciences and Political Systems of Eastern Europe

PhD Projects


Current PhD Projects


  • Abad Andrade, Maria (in German): "Decision-Making by the Turkish Constitutional Court) More Information: here
  • Farag, Mahmoud: "Power Sharing and Regime Stability in the Arab World"
  • Hegedűs, Dániel: “The Illiberal Uploading: Defective Democracies and Hybrid Regimes in the EU
  • Khelaia, Nino: "Youth Movements in Georgia"
  • Neubert, Claudia: "Corrupt practices - a Soviet Legacy?"
  • Özdemir, Emrah: “Treatment of Religion in Turkish Jurisdiction: How does the Turkish Constitutional Court deal with the religious?”
  • Schulz, Kerstin: "Networking matters. Eine akteurszentrierte Betrachtung der deutschen Russlandpolitik"                              
  • Schwenck, Anna: "Youth groups and activism in contemporary Russia" http://www.bgss.hu-berlin.de/people/students/anna_schwenck




Completed PhD Projects


  • Abdullaeva, Nargiza (2018): "Tertiary Student Migration from Central Asia to Germany – Brain Drain or Brain Circulation?"
  • Leupold, David (2018): "Turkey between Western Armenia and Northern Kurdistan – Memory between national myth, collective violence and multi-collectivity"
  • Choi, Kyu Youn (2017): "Norm Implementation in the Case of the Chinese Renewable Energy Law"
  • Kukec, Marco (2017): "Representation in post-Yugoslav local government: Local councilors' representational role conceptions and behavior"
  • Petersen, Felix (2017): "Democracy, the State and the people: From Invention of the Democratic State to the Rise of Contentious Polity". See https://www.sowi.hu-berlin.de/de/lehrbereiche/osteuropa/team/felixpetersen
  • Shevtsova, Maryna (2017): “Exporting ‚European’ values: Europeanization and promotion of LGTBI rights in third countries (cases of Ukraine and Turkey)“ (Second Opinion)
  • Douglas, Nadja (2016): "Military and society in times of change - The case of the Russian Federation" See http://www.bgss.hu-berlin.de/people/students/douglas
  • Fruhstorfer, Anna (2015): "Presidents in the Process of Transformation. Constitutional Text and Reality in Comparison" See http://www.sowi.hu-berlin.de/lehrbereiche/osteuropa/team/gesamtverzeichnis/fruhstorfer
  • Lührmann, Anna (2015): "UN Electoral Assistance: Enhancing Democratization or Legitimizing Authoritarian Rule?"
  • Buscanianu, Sergiu (2014): "EU Eastward Democracy Promotion under the European Neighbourhood Policy" See: http://www.bgss.hu-berlin.de/people/students/buscaneanu
  • Erner, Yuliya (2014) (in German): "Die Rolle der politischen Eliten bei der Stabilisierung der defekten Demokratie in der Ukraine" (The Role of Political Elites in Stabilizing the Defect Democracy in Ukraine)
  • Moormann-Kimáková, Barbora (2014) "Accommodating Linguistic Diversity. Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Union and the Limits of Recognition". See http://www.bgss.hu-berlin.de/people/students/barbora-kimakova
  • Boulanger, Christian (2013) (in German): "Hüten, richten, gründen: Rollen der Verfassungsgerichte in der Demokratisierung Deutschlands und Ungarns" (The Role of Constitutional Courts in the Democratization of Germany and Hungary) (Second Opinion)
  • Levin, Ilya (2013): "Public Private Partnership bei der Organisation der Olympischen Spiele in Sotschi" (Second Opinion)
  • Uçar, Helin (2013): "Dynamics in the Implementation of Women's Human Rights in Turkey" See http://www.bgss.hu-berlin.de/people/students/helin-ucar
  • Walter, Ulf (2013) (in German): "Die Rolle der geheimen Nachrichtendienste in den Transformationsprozessen in Russland und der Ukraine" (The Role of Intelligence Services in Transformation Processses in Russia and Ukraine) See http://www.bgss.hu-berlin.de/people/students/ulf-walther
  • Szöke, Nora (2010) (in German): "Demokratisierung in Serbien und Kroatien" (Democratization in Serbia and Croatia). See http://edoc.hu-berlin.de/dissertationen/szoeke-nora-2010-02-02/PDF/szoeke.pdf
  • de Wijs, Sacha (2009): "Media and transition in central and eastern Europe: a comparison between the German Democratic Republic and Hungary" See http://edoc.hu-berlin.de/docviews/abstract.php?id=30272