Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Science Studies

Upcoming Events

03.03.2020 (cancelled) DZHW Colloquium Judith Hartstein (DZHW): "Peer Review Reports. Consistencies and Disagreement"
17.03.2020 (cancelled) DZHW Colloquium Martin Schweinsberg (ESMT Berlin): "Crowdsourcing Data Analysis"
14.04.2020 (cancelled) DZHW Colloquium Carey Ming-Lin Chen (CWTS Leiden): "The exercise of ex-ante evaluation on open access mandate policy - A case study of Taiwan"
28.04.2020 (cancelled) DZHW Colloquium Jens Ambrasat (DZHW): "Erste Ergebnisse der Wissenschaftsbefragung"
12.05.2020 (cancelled) DZHW Colloquium Cornelia Schendzielorz (DZHW): "Translation zwischen Innovation, Transfer und Evaluation"
14.-15.05.2020 (cancelled) Conference Conference: Positionality Reloaded. Dimensions of Reflexivity in the Relationship of Science and Society


 Event Notes

15.10.2019 Workshop "META x DATA - building automated screening tools for data-driven meta-research"
14.-18.10.2019 Sommerschool Summer School in Higher Education Research and Science Studies (HERSS)
1.-5.7.2019 Sommerschool 5th STS Italia Summer School


Past Events

18.02.2020 DZHW Colloquium Milad Abbasiharofteh (Leibniz-Institut für Agrarentwicklung in Transformationsökonomien): "The driving forces of collaborations and atypical inventions in biotech: evidence from the Berlin biotech cluster and the European co-inventorship network"
10.02.2020, 12-14 pm, Room 001 Colloquium Science Studies Hannah Kropla: "Eine professionssoziologische Analyse beruflicher Mediation" & Fidan Düz: (tba)
04.02.2020 DZHW Colloquium Dr. André Lottmann (Stiftung Charité): "Wissenschaftsmanagement heute: Fluch oder Segen?"
03.02.2020, 12-14 pm, Room 001 Colloquium Science Studies Freia Kuper: "Making sense of databases as translational and collaborative infrastructures. An ethnographic exploration of the Immune Epitope Database"
27.01.2020, 12-14 pm, Room 001 Colloquium Science Studies Tetiana Shportak: "Der Einfluss wissenschaftlicher Akteure auf die Europäische Wissenschaftspolitik im bereich "Open Science"
13.01.2020, 12-14 pm, Room 001 Colloquium Science Studies Judith Hartstein: "How science is connected through software across field delineations: The case of R"
07.01.2020 DZHW Colloquium David Guillermo Fajardo Ortiz (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México): "The complex coevolution of viral vectors, RNAi and genomic editing technologies: collaboration, competition or hegemony?"
14.-15.11.2019 Workshop "Digitalisierte Bewertung in Hochschule und Wissenschaft. Neue Formen der evaluativen Selbst- und Fremdbeobachtung in Forschung, Lehre und Administration"
14.11.2019 - 5:15 PM Workshop Neil Pollock (Edinburgh): "From Non-Algorithmic to Algorithmic Forms of Ranking: The New Evaluative Infrastructures of the Digital Economy"
28.10.2019 Colloquium Science Studies Rocio Fonseca: "How Editors Think: Insights into the Self-Concepts of Scientific Editors, their Work and their Journals"
06.08.2019 DZHW Research Symposium Tim Flink (DZHW und Humboldt-Universität): "Talk and Action of Science Diplomacy"
23.07.2019 DZHW Research Symposium Max Leckert (DZHW): "Vorstellung Promotionsprojekt: Reflexive Metrics - Altmetrics as Participants in Practices of Quantification and (E-) Valuation"
20.06.2019 Talk Sakina Elkhazein (Survival International): „Some things you did not know about nature conservation and what we can learn from indigenous peoples“
14.03.2019 Talk Ismael Ráfols (Ingenio, Valencia) - "How S&T indicators can disadvantage forms of knowledge in the margins of research systems"
07.12.2018 Talk Nelius Boshoff (Stellenbosch, South Africa) - "Researchers in Africa: Funding, Collaboration and Impact"
15.-16.11.2019 Workshop "The Role of Visibility in Academic Evaluation"