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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Political Theory

Political Theory


Welcome to the Chair of Political Theory.




Herfried Münkler and Grit Straßenberger offer an introduction that deals with current political challenges (publisher information in German):

Illustration: © C.H. Beck

Herfried Münkler traces the evoultion of war and violence in the 20th and 21st century (publisher information in German):

Illustration: © Rowohlt Verlag

Putting the "refugee crisis" in a historical perspective, Marina und Herfried Münkler take a stand for the open society (publisher information in German):

Marco Walter answers the question how democratic empires deal with fear (publisher information in German):

 Illustration: © Schöningh Verlag 

Felix Wassermann's new book offers a crucial analysis of asymmetric wars - release in spring 2015 (publisher information in German):

Illustration: © Campus Verlag

Vincent August (né Rzepka) interrogates the democratic buzz word 'transparency' (publisher information in German):

Illustration: © Lit Verlag


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Karina Hoffmann                    

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