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  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2021): Hendrick Lackus and Olga Schell (Hg.): Mall of Shame: Bezahlt die Arbeiter! Rückblicke, Hintergründe und Ausblicke, in: Augustin. Die erste österreichische Boulevardzeitschrift, Vienna, 9.3.2021.

  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2018): Marc Hill: Nach der Parallelgesellschaft. Neue Perspektiven auf Stadt und Migration, 70(2), 335-337, in: Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie (KZfSS), DOI: 10.1007/s11577-018-0529-7 

  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2015): Sandro Mezzadra and Brett Neilson: Border as Mehod or the Multiplication of Labor, in: International Journal for Urban and Regional Research (IJURR), 39.2 (March 2015), 431-432 

  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2013): Michael Peter Smith and Michael McQuarrie (Eds.): Remaking Urban Citizenship. Organizations, Institutions, and the Right to the City, in: International Journal for Urban and Regional Research (IJURR), 37.4 (July 2013), 1490-1491

  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2012): Jennifer Hochschild and John Mollenkopf (Eds.): Bringing Outsiders in. Transatlantic Perspectives on Immigrant Political Incorporation, in: International Journal for Urban and Regional Research (IJURR), 36.3 (May 2012), 636-637

  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2011): Noel Castree; Chatterton, Paul A.; Heynen, Nik; Larner, Wendy; Wright, Melissa W. (Eds.): The Point Is To Change It, in: International Journal for Urban and Regional Research (IJURR), 35.4 (July 2011), 878-880
  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2010): Robert Gottlieb, Mark Vallianatos, Regina M. Freer and Peter Dreier: The Next Los Angeles. The Struggle for a Livable City, in:  International Journal for Urban and Regional Research (IJURR), 34.3 (September 2010), 716-717



  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2022): Care and the City. Encounters with Urban Studies. Book presentation at pro qm in Berlin, April 22, with Angelika Gabauer, Sabine Knierbein & Tihomir Viderman
  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2021): Local practices and frames in support of inclusion of precarious migrants (by I. Ataç and S. Spencer), invited discussant, IMISCOE annual conference in Luxembourg, July 7-9, 2021

  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2020): Inequalities in Urban Settings, invited lecture at Bar Ilan University, Dept. for Geography and Environment, Israel, January 29, 2020

  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2019): Planning the Solidarity City, Public Evening Lecture at TU Wien, April 3, 2019

  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2018): Understanding the City through Crisis, invited lecture at the international conference Successfull Cities - Crises of Citizenship, Centre for Citizenship, Social Pluralism and Religious Diversity in Potsdam, September 6-8, 2018
  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2017): How the Border Colonizes our Everyday Life. Urban Borderland, Citizenship and the Politics of Contestation, Invited Keynote Lecture, International Symposium on 'Child Migration in Asia. Urban Borderlands and Citizenship' at Rikkyo University in Tokyo on February 25, 2017
  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2016): Exploring Urban Borderlands. Urban Citizenship and Local Borderpractices (with)in Europe, Guest Lecture at the Center for Migration and Development, Princeton University, on November 10, 2016

  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2015): Urban Citizenship und das Recht auf Stadt, Lecture at the 6. 'urbanize!' Festival on October 9, 2015, in Vienna

  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2014): Participatory Politics and Urban Social Movements. Some Thoughts from Berlin and Beyond, Lecture at the Center for Research on Social Change (CRSC), UC Berkeley, on March 13, 2014

  • Lebuhn, Henrik (2013): The Socio-Political Construction of Urban Problems and Policy. Qualitative Approaches to Area-Based Policies and Participatory Governance, Workshop taught at the IJURR/FURS 'Comparative Urban Studies' Summerschool 2013 on August 21, 2013, in Berlin, with Claire Colomb 




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