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M.A., MSc Nina Margies

M.A., MSc Nina Margies
research assistant
nina.margies (at)

Nina Margies is a Ph.D. research fellow at the Department of Social Sciences, Urban Sociology, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Talja Blokland and Prof. Dr. Åsa Wettergren (Göteborgs Universitet, Sweden).

The current working title of her dissertation project is: « Emotions and Social Change. Feeling Hysteresis in Post-Crisis Spain »


Research Interests

  • Emotion and change

  • Emotion and space

  • Transformation of work and mental health

  • Urban youth



since 08|2020
Research Fellow in the project « Getting things done in a city on hold » at the Department of Social Sciences, Urban Sociology, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin


2018 – 2019
Research Fellow at the Research Institut Casa de Velázquez – École des hautes études hispaniques et ibériques, Madrid (ESP)


03|2017 – 05|2017
Visiting Scholar at Universidad Complutense de Madrid at the Department of Sociology, Prof. Dr. Jesús Leal


since 2015
PhD Candidate at the Department of Social Sciences, Urban Sociology, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin


2013 – 2014
MSc Urban Studies, University College London | Bartlett School of Planning (UK)


2013 – 2014
M.A. Sciences Humaines et Sociales (correspondance course), Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès (FR)


Other academic activities

since 2019
member of the board of the ESA Research Network RN11 – Sociology of Emotions


since 2019
member of the Editorial Board of Urban Transcripts Journal


2016 – 2019
Cofounder and Managing Editor at Urban Transcripts Journal


since 2017
Cofounder of the research group « Global Urban Youth » at the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Selected publications and conference presentations

Knaus, K., Margies, N., Schilling, H. (forthcoming) « Thinking the City through Work: Blurring Boundaries of Production and Reproduction in the Age of Digital Capitalism », Special Feature,CITY.

Margies, N. (2020) « Emotions as resources and boundaries », Emotion Sociological Seminar at the University of Gothenburg (Emogu), 17.04.2020.

Margies, N. (2019) « From the emergence of urban lighting to a new culture of consumption: Department stores and the public life of women », Urban Transcripts Journal.

Margies, N. (2019) « "Why don ́t you find yourself a proper job?" – Feelings and feeling norms in the struggle over the symbolic meaning(s) of work », ESA Conference, Manchester, 21.- 23.08.2019.

Margies, N. (2018) « Managing the (in)visibility of emotions: Integrating the dimension of space in Hochschild ́s concept of emotion management », Conference of the ESA Sociology of Emotions Research Network (RN11) and the BSA Sociology of Emotions Study Group, Edinburgh, 28.- 30.08.2018.

Díez, R. & Margies, N. (2018) « Struggling with uncertainty. The role of emotions in new workspaces in cities », III ESA RN37 Urban Sociology Mid-term Conference, Madrid, 27.- 29.06.2018.

Margies, N. (2017) « In the aftermath of the economic crisis in Spain - Young People ́s Emotional Landscape of Discontent », Conférence – L ́impact social et politique de la crise sur les jeunes en France et Espagne, XXIe siècle, Casa de Velázquez, Sciences Po Paris, CEVIPOF & l ́Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 14.-15.12.2017.



WiSe 2020/2021
Seminar « Sociological Theories », B.A. Social Sciences

SoSe 2017
Research Seminar « Forever Young? Precarity and Youth in Berlin », B.A. | BSc Social Sciences