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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Microsociology


Examination Dates Lecture Microsociology and Demography WS 2017/18
  • To pass an oral or written exam in microsociology your participation in one of the current courses of the department will be necessary.
  • If you are interested in writing your BA-, MA- or PhD-Thesis at the department it will be necessary for you to participate in the lecture and GK microsociology, if possible in another course of the department and in the BA-, MA- and PhD-Colloquium.
  • You can find official information on exams here.


  • Written exam: February 13th 2018 (Dor26, R. 207 (last checked: 20.11.17))
  • Deadline for Papers (Hausarbeiten): Hand in until March 29th 2018
  • Oral exams will take place between February 19th 2018 and February 21th 2018


Please note the official information sheet on exams and application deadlines of the SoWi-Institute!