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From Container to Open States?

From Container to Open States? Border Regimes and the Mobility of Persons

Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), 2007- 2014. Project Coordinator: Steffen Mau, Researchers: Heike Brabandt, Natascha Zaun, Lena Laube (2007-2012), Christof Roos (2007-2013).
Sonderforschungsbereich 597 'Staatlichkeit im Wandel'

The project deals with the changing role of state borders in the context of globalization. Historically, nation-states had to rely on borders in order to be able to control the mobility of relevant resources. In this context, we are particularly interested in the repercussions that an increased cross-border mobility of persons (as opposed to the mobility of economic factors) has for state borders. Starting from the observation that - within the OECD world - the cross-border mobility of persons has very much increased over the last thirty years, we would like to investigate the consequences of this development for the shape and status of borders.

We therefore describe changes that have taken place since the mid-seventies on the institutional as well as on the operational level of borders. Special emphasis will be placed on cross-national cooperation at borders as an indicator of a changing status of borders for the nation-state. In this context, we will also analyse processes of internationalization creating "macro-territorial borders". Eventually, we will be looking for causes of these developments by focusing on the nexus between globalization and border change by making paired comparisons of border regimes. The countries under consideration are the US, Finland and Austria.

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