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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - German Politics

German Politics

Prof. Dr. Stephan Bröchler has been the chair since October 01, 2019.

Research and teaching in the field of “domestic politics of the Federal Republic of Germany” deal with the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany from an empirical-analytical perspective from a comparative perspective. We are particularly interested in the area of conflict between politics and law, in executive-legislative relations and in federalism.


The following subject areas form the focus of our research and teaching:

Constitutional policy and constitution
Majority and minority rights
Institutional change



Prof. Dr. Stephan Bröchler
Universitätsstraße 3 b, Room 407
Tel.: 030/2093-66542
E-Mail: broechls(at)hu-berlin.de


Office Administration

Cornelia Mispelhorn
Universitätsstraße 3 b, Room 406
Tel.: 030/2093-66540
Fax: 030/2093-66541
E-Mail: sekrinpo(at)sowi.hu-berlin.de


postal address

Humboldt University Berlin
Institute of Social Sciences
German Politics
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin