Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Migration and Gender

Supervision of Thesises

The department supervises empirical BA and MA thesises and dissertations focusing on migration and gender research.

Please consider the following:

The department specializes in the field of quantitative methods, hence supervision for thesises with quantitative methods will be preferred. If you are planing to use qualitative methods another departement might be more suitable for you.

If you plan to ask for supervision, please submit an exposé to Prof. Dr. Salikutluk in time. Please consider that there is only a certain margin for supervision and not every thesis can be attended to.

It is required to participate in the weekly research colloquium during the semester. You will be asked to present your thesis and discuss it with the participants.

For the supervision of BA and MA thesises it is recommended that you already attended one of the seminars from Prof. Dr. Salikutluk and completed it with a 2,0.

Please refrain from questions with regards to content if you are currently not being supervised by Prof. Dr. Salikutluk.

In regards to registartion or deadlines of exams or thesises please observe the information provided by the Studienbüro.