Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Migration and Gender

Gesunde Teilhabe

Health and Participation - The entanglement of health, sports, mobility and social cohesion


This project, funded by the Berlin University Alliance, is based upon the presumption that (a) sustainable mobility and equal participation are central aspects for the social cohesion in modern societies. Furthermore it assumes that (b) both phenomena have only been researched very little towards their connectivity.

Based on those presumptions we are aiming to map and discuss the ties between mobility, participation and social cohesion from the fields of sociology, medical science, sports science and sustainability and migration research. One particular aspect of the project will involve a transdisciplinary dialogue with agents from both the political and civil sphere.

Selected questions which drive this project are: How can the promotion of mobility for all members of society improve social cohesion? Which population groups have the chance to participate in mobility? How are sustainable and equal mobility connected to each other?


The project team consists of:

- Prof. Dr. Zerrin Salikutluk (HU Berlin, PI),

- Dr. Marion Aichberger (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Co-PI),

- Dr. Sonja Geiger (TU Berlin, Co-PI),

- Prof. Dr. Kirsten Legerlotz (HU Berlin, Co-PI) und

- Prof. Dr. Tina Nobis (HU Berlin, Co-PI).