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Dr. Jeanette Ehrmann

Postdoctoral Researcher



Dr. Jeanette Ehrmann was granted the Career Development Award for Excellent Researchers by the Berlin University Alliance and is exempt from teaching and supervision of BA- and MA-Theses in Winter Semester 2022/23.


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Personal Profile

Dr. Jeanette Ehrmann is a political scientist and postdoctoral researcher at the research and teaching area Political Theory. Her research interests are situated at the intersection of political theory, post- and decolonial studies, feminist and race critical theories.

Jeanette studied Political Science, Sociology, Social Psychology and Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology as well as Gender Studies at Goethe University Frankfurt and University of Cyprus Nicosia.

Her dissertation entitled “Tropes of Freedom. The Haitian Revolution and the Decolonization of the Political”, was awarded the Werner Pünder-Prize 2019 for outstanding research on the subject of “freedom and domination in past and present”. The book will be published with Suhrkamp in 2023.

In her current research project "Postcolonial Gender Relations and the Crisis of Democracy", Jeanette examines the colonial continuities of Western liberal democracy as well as postcolonial-feminist horizons of democratic care.

Previously, Jeanette was a research fellow at the Hannover Institute for Philosophical Research, a guest lecturer at Universidad de Antioquia Medellín and a visiting researcher at Northwestern University, the University of Oxford, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Université d’État d’Haїti.



Teaching and research interests:

Political Theory, with a focus on Democratic Theory, Postcolonial Political Theory, Black Political Thought and Feminist Political Theory

Post- and Decolonial Theories

Feminist Theories and Gender Studies




Democracy and Borders

Racism and Race Critical Theories

Migration, Refuge, Diaspora







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