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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences

Academic Program

GeT MA offers academic courses on various topics in the field of social sciences such as modernization and democratization, Europeanization and migration. Students deepen their empiricial knowledge of political processes using Germany, Turkey and other countries or regions of Europe as examples.

Interdisciplinary Focus

Teaching and research have an interdisciplinary focus: the program covers various sub-disciplines of political sciences as well as sociology while incorporating cultural and economic questions into the course curricula. This is made possible by engaging highly qualified professors from different academic disciplines in the program.


A specific characteristic of GeT MA is ‘Joint-Teaching’: each semester one course is taught by faculty members from both partner universities. By experiencing academics from Germany and Turkey within one course, GeT MA students come to understand research topics from different perspectives while benefitting from the long-standing teaching traditions of both universities.


The courses of the study program offer a specialized perspective on current academic and political debates in these fields by using the examples of Turkey and Germany:

Looking at the interplay of politics and society in German-Turkish relations as well as the European dimension of domestic and foreign politics in both countries will help students to cultivate the theoretical and methodical tools used in comparative politics, integration studies, and analyses of social and political change.

Semester Content
Semester I Ankara (Sep-Jan)
  • Turkey as a Modern State
  • Making of Modernity in Turkey and Germany
  • Language Course
  • Elective
Semester II Ankara (Feb-Jun)
  • Societies in Transformation
  • Turkey as a Regional Player
  • Language Course
  • Elective
Summer (Jul-Sep) Internship
Semester III Berlin (Oct-Mar)
  • Germany, Turkey and the EU
  • German Democracy in Comparison
  • Optional Language Course
  • Elective
Semester IV Berlin (Apr-Aug) MA-Thesis

Additional Courses

Most GeT MA courses are taught specifically for GeT MA students, some may be conducted together with our other international MA programs.

In addition, electives that are related to the topics of the GeT MA study program and allow students to acquire a broader perspective can be chosen from the course catalogues of both universities and other universities in Berlin.


In order to complement their academic experience, students complete a 6-12 weeks internship after their first year of studies, thereby gaining valuable insight into potential careers in Germany, Turkey, or elsewhere.