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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences

GeT MA Working Paper Series

The GeT MA Working Paper Series is a unique collection of excellent M.A. thesis projects prepared by the students of the German Turkish Masters Program in Social Sciences.


GeT MA WP 01/2018

Turkey's view on NATO through the scope of strategic culture theories 2009-2016 (Cesar Vinken, Netherlands)

Keywords: Strategy culture, Turkish Foreign Policy, NATO, Ahmet Davutoğlu, Neo-Ottomanism


GeT MA WP 02/2018

The Community of Academics for Peace in Germany - How Frames and Identities Shape the Development of a Transnational Social Movement (Anne Berger, Germany)

Keywords: Social Movement Theory, Turkey, collective identity, transnational social movements, Framing Theory


GeT MA WP 03/2018


GeT MA WP 04/2018

Domestic Politics and the Decision-Making Process in Turkish Foreign Policy (Anne Bunnenberg, Germany)

Keywords: Turkey,foreign policy, domestic politics, realism, liberalism, Islamic State, AKP


GeT MA WP 05/2018

Turkish Language as a Politicized Element: The Case of Turkish Nation-Building (Tolga Sevin, Turkey)

Keywords: Sprachpolitik, Türkische Sprache, Türkischer Nationalismus, Sprachreform, Sun-Sprachtheorie


GeT MA WP 01/2014

Coercive Diplomacy Strategy of the EU. The European Union's Engagement with Iran on Its Nuclear Programme (Asli Degirmenci Sagbakken, Turkey)

Keywords: Coercive Diplomacy, Nuclear Power, Iran’s Nuclear Programme, European Union, Security


GeT MA WP 02/2014

The Perceptions, Attitudes and Political Strategies of "Die Linke". A Political Discourse Analysis (Can Küçükali, Turkey)

Keywords: Die Linke; critical discourse analysis; political discourse analysis; discursive strategies; German politics


GeT MA WP 03/2014

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Realm of neo-liberal Art of Governing (Ela Kurtcu, Turkey)

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Turkey, neo-liberalism, governmentality


GeT MA WP 04/2014

Online Mobilization and Offline Participation in European Elections (Constantin Manuel Bosancianu, Romania)

Keywords: mobilization, online, offline, European Parliament elections, structural equation modeling


GeT MA WP 05/2014

Bound to Lose! The Tea Party and Pro-Köln Right-Wing Populist Reactions to Mosque Construction. A Comparative Analysis (Noah Telson, USA)

Keywords: Populism, Mosque, Pro-Köln, Tea-Party


GeT MA WP 06/2014

Irregular Migration in Germany. "Assistance to Return" as Expression of New Rationalities of Government (Ruth Steuerwald, Germany)

Keywords: Fostering return, voluntary return, irregular migration, governmentality


GeT MA WP 07/2014

Dynamic Partnership. A Constructivist Discourse Analysis of the Contemporary American Understanding of the U.S.-Turkish Relationship (Ursula Elinor Moffitt, USA)

Keywords: Constructivism, discourse analysis, post-structuralism, American foreign policy, U.S.-Turkish relations, presidential speeches, Obama, Erdogan


GeT MA WP 08/2014

Governing Health. Transformations in the Turkish Health Care System (Stefan Kohlwes, Germany)

Keywords: Turkey, Welfare State, Social Policy, Health Care, Governmentality, Health Transformation Program, Neoliberalism


GeT MA WP 09/2014

The Russian-Turkish Gas Trade Partnership. Structures and Policies (Mavjuda Akramova, Tajikistan)

Keywords: Russian-Turkish relations; Russian-Turkish Gas Trade Partnership, Russian-Turkish bilateral trade, Energy diplomacy, Global and Regional aspirations, Russian-Turkish pragmatism and interdependence


GeT MA WP 10/2014

Turkish Foreign Policy towards the Balkans. The influence of traditional determinants on Davutoğlu’s conception of Turkey-Balkan Relations (Marija Mitrovic, Serbia)

Keywords: Turkish Foreign Policy, Ahmet Davutoğlu, the Balkans, international relations, constructivism, agency-structur