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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences

GeT MA Working Paper Series

The GeT MA Working Paper Series is a unique collection of excellent M.A. thesis projects prepared by the students of the German Turkish Masters Program in Social Sciences. The series covers a variety of topics and fields of political and social sciences with a special focus on German and Turkish politics. The series is edited by Prof. Dr. Silvia von Steinsdorff (Department of Social Sciences, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Meliha Altunışık (Graduate School of Social Sciences, Middle East Technical University Ankara).


The newest edition of our GeT MA Working Paper Series has been published and can be read here:

GeT MA Working Paper Series 2018


GeT MA WP 01/2018

Turkey's view on NATO through the scope of strategic culture theories 2009-2016 (Cesar Vinken, Netherlands)

Keywords: Strategy culture, Turkish Foreign Policy, NATO, Ahmet Davutoğlu, Neo-Ottomanism

GeT MA WP 02/2018

The Community of Academics for Peace in Germany - How Frames and Identities Shape the Development of a Transnational Social Movement (Anne Berger, Germany)

Keywords: Social Movement Theory, Turkey, collective identity, transnational social movements, Framing Theory

GeT MA WP 03/2018

GeT MA WP 04/2018

Domestic Politics and the Decision-Making Process in Turkish Foreign Policy (Anne Bunnenberg, Germany)

Keywords: Turkey,foreign policy, domestic politics, realism, liberalism, Islamic State, AKP

GeT MA WP 05/2018

Turkish Language as a Politicized Element: The Case of Turkish Nation-Building (Tolga Sevin, Turkey)

Keywords: Sprachpolitik, Türkische Sprache, Türkischer Nationalismus, Sprachreform, Sun-Sprachtheorie


GeT MA Working Papers 2014


GeT MA WP 01/2014

Coercive Diplomacy Strategy of the EU. The European Union's Engagement with Iran on Its Nuclear Programme (Asli Degirmenci Sagbakken, Turkey)

Keywords: Coercive Diplomacy, Nuclear Power, Iran’s Nuclear Programme, European Union, Security


GeT MA WP 02/2014

The Perceptions, Attitudes and Political Strategies of "Die Linke". A Political Discourse Analysis (Can Küçükali, Turkey)

Keywords: Die Linke; critical discourse analysis; political discourse analysis; discursive strategies; German politics


GeT MA WP 03/2014

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Realm of neo-liberal Art of Governing (Ela Kurtcu, Turkey)

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Turkey, neo-liberalism, governmentality


GeT MA WP 04/2014

Online Mobilization and Offline Participation in European Elections (Constantin Manuel Bosancianu, Romania)

Keywords: mobilization, online, offline, European Parliament elections, structural equation modeling


GeT MA WP 05/2014

Bound to Lose! The Tea Party and Pro-Köln Right-Wing Populist Reactions to Mosque Construction. A Comparative Analysis (Noah Telson, USA)

Keywords: Populism, Mosque, Pro-Köln, Tea-Party


GeT MA WP 06/2014

Irregular Migration in Germany. "Assistance to Return" as Expression of New Rationalities of Government (Ruth Steuerwald, Germany)

Keywords: Fostering return, voluntary return, irregular migration, governmentality


GeT MA WP 07/2014

Dynamic Partnership. A Constructivist Discourse Analysis of the Contemporary American Understanding of the U.S.-Turkish Relationship (Ursula Elinor Moffitt, USA)

Keywords: Constructivism, discourse analysis, post-structuralism, American foreign policy, U.S.-Turkish relations, presidential speeches, Obama, Erdogan


GeT MA WP 08/2014

Governing Health. Transformations in the Turkish Health Care System (Stefan Kohlwes, Germany)

Keywords: Turkey, Welfare State, Social Policy, Health Care, Governmentality, Health Transformation Program, Neoliberalism


GeT MA WP 09/2014

The Russian-Turkish Gas Trade Partnership. Structures and Policies (Mavjuda Akramova, Tajikistan)

Keywords: Russian-Turkish relations; Russian-Turkish Gas Trade Partnership, Russian-Turkish bilateral trade, Energy diplomacy, Global and Regional aspirations, Russian-Turkish pragmatism and interdependence


GeT MA WP 10/2014

Turkish Foreign Policy towards the Balkans. The influence of traditional determinants on Davutoğlu’s conception of Turkey-Balkan Relations (Marija Mitrovic, Serbia)

Keywords: Turkish Foreign Policy, Ahmet Davutoğlu, the Balkans, international relations, constructivism, agency-structure



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