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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences

Students' Experiences

"The Euromasters program brought me a wealth of insights that broadened my intellectual horizon, and it improved my fluency in several European languages.

Starting my professional career as a regulatory expert and in-house counsel with Deutsche Telekom AG, I felt the Euromasters experience facilitated cross-cultural exchange with colleagues from other countries. Surely it will also be useful in my new job as a research associate with the Centre for European Policy (CEP) in Freiburg, Germany.

As a politically liberal think tank, the CEP provides concise analyses of EU legislative projects for national politicians, enterprises and researchers. This helps people to have a much better informed view on what 'Brussels' is up to, where the EU oversteps its boundaries, but also where it deserves support."

Dr. Dieter Wolfram

"Since completing the Euromasters Programme in 2004, I have worked in three different sectors on three different continents: first for an international exchange programme in the US, then for a leading international public health NGO in Paris, and now in an international business consultancy based in India.

Having such names as University of Bath and Sciences Po Paris on one's CV will certainly catch the eye of any informed HR executive. However, what I gained by participating in Euromasters goes far beyond a fancy degree.

Participating in the programme gave me the opportunity to collaborate with top students and professors from a variety of academic and personal backgrounds.

This has helped me to adapt to new cultural and professional situations and has provided me with both the confidence and the intercultural skills that employers in today's highly-competitive global market look for in young potential employees."

Margot-Marie Bigg


"Euromasters was a fantastic experience: the modules, led by excellent teaching staff, were academically challenging and thoroughly interesting. Added to this the opportunity to study in different countries with fellow students from a multitude of countries makes it rather unique!

During my time studying in Berlin, I interned with the German Green Party, and following Euromasters I remained in Germany for over three years, working at a political consultancy company and the European Central Bank.

I’ve returned to Britain to take up a position on the British Civil Service Fast Stream Programme, where my background means I’m well placed to get involved with the European side of things. My experiences and the great friendships I made through Euromasters will stay with me for a long time to come."

Kathrine McAleenan

"…the last year was one of the best of my life. I learnt a lot and grew up quite a bit. The programme definitely is worth the money and deserves its excellent reputation… Euromasters has the reputation of being a demanding programme which expects students to have good skills already…..  [but] the staff in Bath found a wonderful way to treat the students as adults and still have someone to help us whenever we needed help…

Bath had amazing equipment.  Lots of computers, a good range of books in the library and a number of Ingenta journals which the university subscribed to… Coming from Germany and the German university system where everything is free, I expected to get something very special in Bath, paying all that money.

My expectations were met… When I went home for Christmas after studying in Bath, I told my family that I had learnt more in those three months than I had learned during the four years I had spent at a German university. Lectures were amazingly instructive and gave a very good foundation…

Everyone was griping about the workload and lots of deadlines in Bath. Yes, there was a lot to do, but I want to point out here that it was just right! I did not only learn a lot during the lectures but also by writing essays and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of that."

Birte Müller-Heidelberg

Further information is available on the official Euromasters website and the website of the University of Bath.



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