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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Political Theory

Vincent August, M.A.

né Vincent Rzepka
Curriculum Vitae | Publication List
Vincent August M.A.
vincent.august (at) hu-berlin.de

Visiting address
Universitätsstraße 3b , Room 126
Phone number
+49 302093-1426
+49 30 2093-1324
Consultation hours

by appointment (please e-mail)

Mailing address
Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin


Should politics be transparent? Pushing for a critique of the common sense, Vincent discusses the strength and weaknesses of transparency in the context of the TTIP negotiations. Have a look here.


Personal Statement

Vincent August (né Rzepka) is faculty member and research associate at the Department of Social Sciences. Studying political science, sociology, and literature, he earned his BA and MA degree from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Recently, he was a visiting researcher at the University of California, Berkeley. His last book challenges the political key word 'transparency' by offering a genealogy of this democratic norm. Currently, he is working on a genealogy of a technological rationality in theory and practice of Western democracies.

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Research Interests

Vincent is critically engaging with political, cultural, and social theory. He focusses on the political challenges these theories responded to and may respond to today. He publishes broadly on contemporary issues and the history of political thought.

His main research fields are:

Norms, practices, and critique of governance:
networks, (neo)liberalism, republicanism

Transparency and the public sphere:
norms, practices, consequences of transparency, concepts of publicity, rhetoric

Politics in technological times:
history, epistemology, and impact of technological ideas
(currently esp. cybernetics, mechanics, systems and network theory)



Hannah Arendt's political thought

The Public Sphere: Theory, History, Challenges

Politics and Postmodernity: 'Governance' as a Political Theory

Michel Foucault’s History of Governmentality

Political Rhetoric: Analysis and Technique of Power

Liberalism – History and Topicality

Introduction to Political Theory and the History of Political Thought

Introduction to Academic Research

Performativity and Politics (team-taught with Grit Straßenberger)


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