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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Sociology of Social Policy


Consequences of a lifetime of wealth accumulation: Determinants of personal wealth at retirement


In this subproject, the consequences of personal wealth accumulation over a lifetime is evaluated by examining personal wealth at older age and by focusing on retrospective employment and family histories of respondents and their partners as explanatory factors. The research questions are: How do gendered lifetime experiences of family and work transitions sediment in personal wealth at retirement age for women and men? How do couple-level patterns of labour division over the life course affect wealth at retirement age? How do these patterns affect within-couple wealth inequalities? How do these effects vary across countries? To answer the research questions, retrospective life history data regarding the family and work dimensions are combined with detailed information on personal wealth at retirement age for both partners in couples using various longitudinal datasets.

For further questions, please contact Theresa Nutz (theresa.nutz (at) hu-berlin.de)