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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Sociology of Social Policy


Causes of personal wealth accumulation in the formative years of unions: Critical life events and their outcomes


The subproject examines the causes of personal wealth accumulation during the early years after union formation. The subproject scrutinises critical life events, i.e. marriage, childbirth and employment changes, and their consequences for wealth accumulation and wealth inequalities. The guiding research questions are: How does marriage, childbirth, and (associated) labour market transitions and wealth transfers affect personal wealth of partnered women and men? How does inequality in wealth change due to these events? What are the generative processes linking events and changes in wealth? How are these processes shaped at the couple-level, e.g. through shifts in decision power? The subproject considers how these changes and processes vary across countries. Using various longitudinal datasets, the subproject applies state-of-the-art longitudinal and multilevel methods.

For further questions, please contact Philipp Lersch (p.m.lersch (at) hu-berlin.de).