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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences

Transcript of Records

Upon completion of a stay at Humboldt-Universität the ERASMUS coordination will create a transcript of records confirming the stay and listing all of the work done and credit points gained. Finally, it will be sent to the address given by you. If you stay for two semesters, we kindly ask you to have a transcript created after each semester.


In order to create a transcript, two tasks have to be fulfilled:


  1. Firstly, we ask you to fill in all the courses you attended in the empty transcript form (available for download here) and send it by email to Ms. Renate Zeiske (renate.zeiske@sowi.hu-berlin.de) before the end of the semester. In this email, please also state the post address to which the transcript is supposed to be sent.
  2. Since Frau Zeiske requires all of your course assessments (Scheine or Leistungsnachweis) in order to create the transcript, you are responsible for ensuring that she receives them. You can either hand them in personally at Frau Zeiske’s office (R. 327) or post it in the box next to it. Only in cases of emergency this can be done by email. If you have not yet received all of your certificates upon your departure and therefore cannot submit them yourself, please contact your lecturer and ask them to submit the certificates directly to Frau Zeiske. Not before the form and all of your certificates are handed over to Ms. Zeiske, the transcript will be created and automatically sent to your given address.


BA Sozialwissenschaften: Leistungsnachweis

MA Sozialwissenschaften: Leistungsnachweis



Please note that the deadline for submitting assignments is usually April 30 for the winter semester and September 30 for the summer semester. After this deadline, the lecturers begin to mark the work and then forward the certificate to Ms. Zeiske. This can be a lengthy process. If your home university asks you to submit your transcript of records upon your departure, you will be expected to submit your assignments earlier or to ask the lecturer to mark your work more quickly.