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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences

Registration for classes

courses is limited. Exchange students should therefore register in good time where possible. If this is not possible, you should talk with the lecturer at the very beginning of the class.

There are some courses which are not designed or recommended for exchange students. These include MA project seminars, as they run over two semesters and are very labour-intensive. In addition, only limited participation is possible in BA courses for introductory and methodology modules (M1 to M10). Firstly, exchange students are expected to have previously developed the theoretical and methodological basics at their home university before they go abroad, and secondly, these modules are mandatory for regular students, who are therefore given priority. Exchange students can still attend introductory lectures and must take a final examination to receive an end-of-semester certificate.

You can apply for these courses from September/March right up to the first week of studies. Register using the HU account in AGNES. We recommend that you register for all courses you are interested in so that you can attend them during your first week of studies. Before the deadline you can then cancel any courses you no longer wish to attend.

Courses generally last for one semester (approx. 15 weeks) and meet two hours a week (2 SWS). One exception is advanced seminars which may meet four hours a week (4 SWS).

The department does not stipulate which classes exchange students should take. It is important that you discuss with your home university whether the classes will be recognised.

Exchange students may also take classes at other faculties at HU and the other universities in Berlin and Brandenburg (Freie UniversitätTechnische Universität BerlinUniversity of Potsdam). Each has its own university calendar, and attendance should be agreed upon independently with the lecturer in question.

In the Berlin Perspectives programme, Humboldt-Universität also offers an interdisciplinary module in English and German for international students of all subjects that focuses mainly on issues related to Berlin. Students who participate in Berlin Perspectives are able to take a free German course covering four hours a week at the Humboldt-Universität Language Centre.