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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Social Sciences

Examinations and end-of-semester certificates

In order to pass a course, you must have completed certain elements of the course which are communicated by the lecturer in advance. Please note that some courses in introductory or methodology modules (M1-M10) and advanced modules (M12 and M13) require you to register for an examination. You must do this within a certain period using your HU account in AGNES.

At the end of the semester, certificates must be issued showing your academic achievements so that the course can be accredited with the relevant number of ECTS.

For all courses at the Department of Social Sciences as well as language courses and courses attended in other departments or universities a "Schein" (see below Leistungsnachweis) has to be issued at the end of the course. Please fill out the top half (as far as the signature) and give it to the lecturer. He or she will complete it and hand it back to you once you have completed all of the elements required for the course (including assignments completed during the semester break).


BA Sozialwissenschaften: Leistungsnachweis

MA Sozialwissenschaften: Leistungsnachweis