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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS)

IT Support

HU Account

To access the computers you need a personalized HU account and media support (CMS).

You should ask for a new account even if you studied at HU before. As a doctoral student you receive a staff account with more benefits and memory space.

If you do not change your password within six weeks or if you do not use your account for several months, you will need to ask for a new password.


You have no administrative rights for your computers. A general overview of provided software is made available by the CMS at https://www.cms.hu-berlin.de/de/dl/software



If you often work on your laptop, you can use your office computer cable to connect to the internet.

Printing facilities

All computers are connected to the printer in the copy room. You can print as much as you need for research purposes. However, please try to save ink and paper:

  • print double-sided or two pages on one side if possible and
  • check the printing preview before printing pages from the internet or emails.

Please inform the secretary’s office if new paper is needed.


You are allowed to use the copy machine as much as you need for research purposes. However, please try to save ink and paper:

  • make double-sided copies and two pages on one side if possible
  • avoid black margins by adopting the zoom or by laying an additional white page on the glass.

To start, you need a personalized code and password. Please ask for it at the secretary’s office.


The copy machine is also able to scan pdfs and send them to your personal email address. Please follow the instructions above the machine.


If you want changes regarding your profile on the Website, please contact Marlene Mingramm or Constantin Winkler.