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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS)

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships for Doctoral Projects



Accept applications in English possible, either no or only basic German skills required

  • Elsa‐Neumann‐Scholarship
  • ZEIT‐Stiftung
  • Hans Böckler‐Stiftung (information on website only available in German - affiliation to trade unions)
  • Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst (information on website only available in German - foundation of the Protestant Church)
  • Gerda Henkel‐Stiftung (Historical humanities, in particular research projects in the following fields:
    - Archaeology
    - Art History
    - Historical Islamic Studies
    - History
    - History of Law
    - History of Science
    - Prehistory and Early History)
  • Abgeordnetenhauses Berlin ‐ Studienstiftung (information on website available in English - see download -, for candidates from F, GB, USA and Post‐Soviet Union, basic German skills required, funding only for first 10 month, afterwards the candidate is obliged to return to home country)
  • Minerva‐Stiftung (selection criteria: relevance of the research topic to German‐Israeli cooperation)
  • Onassis Foundation (requirement: Greek nationality or citizenship)
  • Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk (information on website only available in German, applications and interview in English possible, B2 level at beginning of PhD required - candidates of Jewish Belief
  • Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (Information on website only available in German, applications can be submitted in English, only the CV has to be in German - basic German skills required)

Applications in German and/or German skills required

Overview on the German Ministry of Education's website on scholarships in Germany


  • ELFI (paid service provided by HU for its members, can be accessed from HU servers)


Additional information might be available via the HU website

  1. Doctoral Funding
  2. Funding Information
  3. Young Researchers


Completion Grants for writing an Exposé