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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Institut für Sozialwissenschaften

HU IT services

University User Account

Please set up a Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin user account. Only then will you be able to access computers, register for courses, create a HU e-mail account and use other services. Fill in the online form and type in your PIN, which is printed on your enrollment certificate.


Agnes is our course catalogue and the platform where you can register for seminars, download your transcript and a PDF of your student ID. When you don’t have a campus card yet, on Agnes you will also find a QR code with which you can go to the campus card machines (e.g. in the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm Zentrum or in the HU main building) and print your own campus card (either with taking a photo for identification or without). Please also do not forget to print the semester ticket/the semester dates onto your campus card with the machine right next to the campus card machine, as with the dates only the campus card is valid as a semester/public transportation ticket.

In case you want to reregister for the next semester, Agnes will also have the required information for you. After logging in and clicking on “Rückmeldeinformation” you will find the bank details to transfer the semester fee, as well as your new student ID as soon as the HU received and booked your semester fee. Then again you have to print the semester dates on your campus card to validate it for public transportation.

Check out the AGNES-tutorials on youtube: Agnes HU Berlin and Agnes on YouTube

Should you face any problems while registering your user account, configuring your email or setting up the wireless network, contact the CMS directly at cms-benutzerberatung@hu-berlin.de or 0049 30 2093 2163. 


Moodle, the online learning platform of HU, is used by professors to upload the course literature and teaching materials as well as by students to upload presentations, papers or handouts and to communicate with each other. Your HU account credentials also work for moodle. If you have not received your HU-account yet, you can also register separately with any e-mail address as a user name. On the website, you can find the Moodle support, FAQ, a glossary and a manual. 

Register on Moodle

Wifi access

The university provides a campus wide wireless network to access the internet, it is called “eduroam”. You need your HU user account details to use it but once installed you have wireless throughout all campuses of the main universities in Berlin. You can find a guideline of how to install it on your computer on the homepage of the CMS.

Guide for installing eduroam

University PC pools

Humboldt-Universität’s 'Computer und Medienservice' (CMS) maintains a number of PC-pools across the HU campuses.

• ISW PC-pool: Universitätsstraße 3b, room 217

• CMS PC-pool: Dorotheenstraße 26, room 207

Visit these webpages to find out more about the locations and opening hours:

Locations and opening hours PC pools