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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Institut für Sozialwissenschaften

Registering your place of residence

In Germany, everybody is required to register his*her place of residence with the city's authorties. Just take a confirmation from your landlord stating that you have moved in, a completed form of enrollment and your passport to the municipality offices called “Bürgeramt”. Berlin allows you to register at any of its numerous “Bürgerämter”, regardless which district of the city you live in. In return, you receive the certificate of registration –  “Meldebescheinigung”. You will need this certificate in order to be able to complete many other bureaucratic tasks, such as setting up a bank account or registering at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. We highly recommend to fix an appointment in advance either online on the website of the “Bürgerämter” or you can also call the “Bürgertelefon” 030 115.


Sometimes there are more appointments available at a “Bürgeramt” a little bit outside of the city center. Although this might take a longer commute, it will be quicker in total.


Forms for the 'Bürgeramt'