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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Diversity and Social Conflict

PhD Supervision


Please note: Currently and in the foreseeable future, Prof. Dr. Gökce Yurdakul is not accepting new PhD students and/or PhD guest researchers. Due to the high number of emails on this topic, there won't be any replies to inquiries at this time. (September of 2017)


Gender and Body Politics:

  • Soraya Hassoun (ISW) Vollverschleiert in Deutschland: Welche (Un-)Freiheiten bringt diese Form der Körperverhüllung mit sich? (starting year 2017)
  • Gala Rexer (ISW) Reproducing Bodies in Times of Crisis: Body Politics of Assisted Reproduction in the UK, Germany and Israel (starting year 2017)
  • Sakar Saber Ibrahim (ISW) Power, Patriarchy and Women's Body in Iraqi Kurdistan  (starting year 2015)


Migrant Agency, Transformative Powers of Migration and Migration Management:

  • Seyran Bostanci (BIM) Inklusion in Theorie und Praxis – Eine vergleichende Untersuchung der Umsetzung des Praxiskonzeptes `Vorurteilsbewusste Bildung und Erziehung´ in Kindertageseinrichtungen (starting year 2017)
  • Duygu Gürsel (ISW, fellow of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation) Migration, Self-Employment and Transformation from Fordism to Post-Fordism in Germany (starting year 2012; Supervisory Committee Members: Encarnacion Gutierrez Rodriguez)
  • Noemi Katona (ISW, fellow of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation) Pimps, boyfriends and transnational families:  The negotiation of money and emotions by Hungarian sex workers in the Kurfürstenstraße (starting year 2013)


Social Conflicts in Turkey and Beyond:


Social Movements and Governmentality:

  • Khayyam Namazov (ISW / DAAD Fellowship) Changing Social Movements in Azerbaijan: The discourse of Public Sphere and the Social Conflicts (starting year 2017)
  • Melih Sengölge (ISW) Neue Soziale Bewegungen in Griechenland gegen das europäische Austeritätsregime (starting year 2015)


Completed Dissertations:

  • Inken Bartels (BGSS,  European Doctoral Program) The (re)construction of the 'European border regime': An ethnographic approach to the practices of the International Organization of Migration's 'management of  migration' in the Euro-Mediterranean region (2012-18; Supervisory Committee Members: Steffen Mau, Naika Foroutan) Defense Date: 4th of June 2018
  • Inna Michaeli (ISW, fellow of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation) Self-Enterprising Citizens: Comparing Strategies of Economic Empowerment for Women in Germany and Israel (2014-17)
  • Anna Schlumbohm (BGSS) Immigration, Exclusion, and Institutional Constraints: Evaluating Political Participation and Involvement of Long-Term Immigrants in Germany (2011-15)