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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Diversity and Social Conflict

Gala Rexer, M.A.

Gala Rexer M.A.
gala.rexer (at) hu-berlin.de

Einrichtung (OKZ)
Kultur-, Sozial- und Bildungswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Universitätsstraße 3b , Raum Raum 330
(030) 2093-66610

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Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin

Research interests

Postcolonial and feminist theories, biopolitics, reproductive technologies, sociology of the body


Curriculum Vitae


Since 03/2017: PhD candidate in sociology, dissertation project entitled "Reproducing Bodies in Times of Crisis: Body Politics of Assisted Reproduction in the UK, Germany and Israel", supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gökce Yurdakul

2014-2016: Master of Arts Social Sciences, Humboldt University

10/2015 - 03/2016: Middle Eastern Studies, Tel Aviv University, Israel (DAAD Promos scholarship)

2009-2013: Bachelor of Arts Social Sciences, Humboldt University


Academic Employment  

2018 - 2019: Academic curator of experimental symposium on the intersections of gender & technologies <Interrupted = "Cyfem and Queer">, in cooperation with Creamcake, funded by Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin

Since 05/2016: Research project coordinator in project on "Contesting Authorities over Body Politics: The Religious/Secular Tension in Germany, Israel, and Turkey" funded by German-Israeli Foundation (2016-2018)

09/2014 - 12/2015: Student assistant at Department of Diversity and Social Conflict, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

04/2011 - 03/2013: Student assistant at German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu), Berlin



WS 2017/18: MA Lektüreseminar "Body Politics and the Margins of Life: The Secular/Religious Tensions"

WS 2016/17: MA Lektüreseminar "Body Politics and the Margins of Life: The Secular/Religious Tensions"


Conference Presentations

39. Kongress DGS, Ad-hoc Gruppe soziologische Perspektiven auf transnationale Reproduktionsökonomien: Reproduktive Praktiken und ihre globalen Verflechtungen, 24.-28. September 2018, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. Presentation "<Politics doesn't count, because we are people, and people want kids, everywhere!> Biopolitical, ethnic-religious, and cultural dimenstions of assisted reproduction in Israel"

2018 Postgraduate Bioethics Conference (PGBC), 23-24 July 2018, Department of Global Health & Social Medicine, King's College London. Presentation "Clinical Encounters: The Construction of Israeli Fertility Clinics as Utopian Non-Places"

3hd Festival, Panel “Body, Technology, Politics“, 25 November 2017, HAU Berlin. Presentation "Biopolitics of Assisted Reproductive Technologies"

International workshop “Contested Authorities over the Body: The State, the Secular, and the Religious“, 16-17 October 2017, Humboldt University. Presentation: “(Fragmented) Bearers of the Nation? The Role of Reproductive Technologies and the Body in Israel and Palestine”

International Summer School “Critical Approaches to the Study of Religion and Gender: Postcolonial, Post-secular and Queer Perspectives”, 17-21 May 2017, Maastricht University. Presentation of PhD project 

Conference “Talking Bodies 2017”, 19-22 April 2017, University of Chester. Presentation: “Body Politics from Below? Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the Context of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”



01/2019 - 06/2019: Caroline von Humboldt-Stipendiantinnenprogramm, International Research Award (InRA)

10/2015 - 02/2016: Deutscher Akademischer Auslandsdienst (DAAD), PROMOS Programm



Gökce Yurdakul, Gala Rexer, Shvat Eilat and Nil Mutluer (under review): Contested Authorities over Life Politics: Religious-Secular Tensions in Abortion Debates in Germany, Turkey, and Israel (submitted to Social and Legal Studies, April 2018)

(2015) Zusammenfassung: #3_academic_debate – The Contemporary Refugee Situation in a Global Perspective: https://www.sowi.hu-berlin.de/lehrbereiche/diversity/events/academic_debate3/view

(2013) Difu-Berichte 2/2013 - Delinquente Jugendliche: Wege aus dem Abseits. Kommunale Handlungsstrategien im Umgang mit delinquenten Jugendlichen mit Migrationshintergrund: http://www.difu.de/node/8734



Member of International Association for the study of Religion and Gender, diffrakt. centre of theoretical periphery