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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Diversity and Social Conflict

PhD Supervision


Please note: Currently and in the foreseeable future, Prof. Dr. Gökce Yurdakul is not accepting new doctoral students and/or  guest researchers. Due to the high number of emails on this topic, there won't be any replies to inquiries at this time. (September of 2017 to current)


Gender and Body Politics:

  • Tunay Altay (ISW) Queering’ Border Regimes: A Critical Investigation on Institutional and Legal Practices on LGBTQ Refugees and Migrants in Germany (starting year 2019)
  • Gala Rexer (ISW / Fellow of Heinrich-Böll Foundation) Reproducing Bodies in Times of Crisis: Body Politics of Assisted Reproduction in Germany and Israel (starting year 2017)
  • Soraya Hassoun (ISW) Vollverschleiert in Deutschland: Welche (Un) Freiheiten bringt diese Form der Körperverhüllung mit sich? (starting year 2017)


Social Conflicts in Turkey and Beyond:


To be completed Dissertations in 2020:


Current employment: Research Cluster coordinator at the BIM


  • Seyran Bostanci (BIM) Inklusion in Theorie und Praxis – Eine vergleichende Untersuchung der Umsetzung des Praxiskonzeptes `Vorurteilsbewusste Bildung und Erziehung´ in Kindertageseinrichtungen (starting year 2016-19, provisional defense date October 2019, Supervisory committee members: Naika Foroutan)

Current employment: Doctoral assistant at the department


New Political Movements in Southern Europe against Austerity Regime


Completed Dissertations:


In our department, average time for completing a doctoral dissertation is five years. Almost all our departmental doctoral candidates start to work as part-time researchers or receive doctoral scholarships within the first year of their doctoral studies. Our alumni work as researchers in European universities, or as manager in civil society organizations.


  • Noemi Katona (ISW, fellow of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation) Pimps, boyfriends and transnational families:  The negotiation of money and emotions by Hungarian sex workers in the Kurfürstenstraße (2013-2020; Supervisory committee members: Dorit Geva, Karin Lohr. Provisional Defense Date 24 February 2020)

Current employment: Researcher at the CONFRONT Research Project, Central European University, Budapest.


  • Inken Bartels (BGSS,  European Doctoral Program) The (re)construction of the 'European border regime': An ethnographic approach to the practices of the International Organization of Migration's 'management of  migration' in the Euro-Mediterranean region (2012-18; Supervisory Committee Members: Steffen Mau, Naika Foroutan.) 

Current employment: Researcher at the ExiTT: Exit – Transit – Transformation, Research Project, Institut für Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelle Studien (IMIS), Universität Osnabrück.


  • Inna Michaeli (ISW, fellow of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation) Self-Enterprising Citizens: Comparing Strategies of Economic Empowerment for Women in Germany and Israel (2014-17; Supervisory Committee Members: Beate Binder, Adriana Kemp)

Current employment: Building Feminist Economies Manager at the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)


  • Anna Schlumbohm (BGSS) Immigration, Exclusion, and Institutional Constraints: Evaluating Political Participation and Involvement of Long-Term Immigrants in Germany (2011-15, Supervisory Committee Members: Martin Kroh, Claudia Diehl)

Current employment:  Researcher at the Institut für Medizinische Soziologie und Rehabilitationswissenschaft, Charite.