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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Vergleichende Analyse Politischer Systeme



Abou-Chadi, T., 2015, Competing for Change - How electoral competition affects party positions, issue evolution and policy change in advanced democracies

Orlowski, M., 2015, The Dynamics of Electoral Incentives - On the measurement of electoral competitiveness and its effects on spatial competition and distributive politics

Master Theses

Maruhn, T., 2015, Natives' Attitudes Toward Immigration and Attribute Consistency

Rehmert, J., 2015, Electoral Competition, Re-election Uncertainty and Legislative Behavior. An Analysis of Vote Deviation

Bachelor Theses

Licht, H., 2014, National Troop Deployment to the European Union's Common Security and Defence Policy Military Operations between 2003 and 2010: A Statistical Analysis of Driving and Constraining Factors

Maruhn, T., 2012, National Indebtedness of Developed Democracies Partisan Politics and Globalization

Reinhold, F., 2012, Explaining Variation in Climate Policy. Patterns of Commitment to Mitigating Climate Change

Rehmert, J., 2013, The international Political Economy of Development Strategies

Skaun, M., 2016, Environmental Policy and Electoral Competition in Advanced Democracies - Electoral Risk and Incumbents' Response to the Green Voter