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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mittelmeer Institut Berlin (MIB)

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Institut für Sozialwissen­schaften | Mittelmeer Institut Berlin (MIB) | Veranstaltungen | Öffentliche Podiumsdiskussion „Interlinked Crises" am 22. Oktober 2013

Öffentliche Podiumsdiskussion „Interlinked Crises" am 22. Oktober 2013

„Interlinked Crises? Political Turmoil, Economic Friction and Social Protest in the Mediterranean Area“


The years 2010/2011 mark the simultaneous emergence of two profound crises: one on the Northern, the other on the Southern rim of the Mediterranean area. The European crisis and the Arab upheavals unravaled almost simultaneously and concern the societies on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea: Greece, Tunisia, Libya, Spain, Egypt, Italy, Syria, Cyprus, Turkey...

Do these political turbulences have a common historic and political breeding ground or is it coincidence that citizens in Europe, in North Africa, and in the Eastern Mediterranean took to the streets at the same time? Are the crises interlinked? Are there mutual interactions? Have the events in the Arab World been influenced by the financial, economic and social crises in Southern Europe? Or was it rather the other way round?

The aim of this event is to discuss possible interdependencies between the European crisis, and the upheavals in North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean



  • Prof. Alfred Tovias, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Guest Professor at Faculty of Social Sciences, HU
  • Judy Dempsey, Senior Associate and Editor-in-chief of Strategic Europe, Carnegy Europe
  • Prof. Stephan Stetter, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Chair of International Politics and Conflict Studies, Institute of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Anas Alabbadi, Political Scientist, Junior Researcher, Youth Expert



Moderation: Dr. Isabel Schäfer, Leiterin des Projekts „Mittelmeer Institut Berlin (MIB)“

Ort: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Universitätsstr.3b, 10117 Berlin, Raum 002

Datum: 22.10.2013, 18h30-20h00

Download: Programm der Veranstaltung