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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mittelmeer Institut Berlin (MIB)

Anas Alabbadi

Forschungsassistent; M.A. International Peace and Conflict Resolution







Anas has BA and MA degrees in international peace and conflict resolution from the American University in Washington D.C. He co-founded and worked with several nongovernmental organizations in Jordan, and was a global trustee on the United Religions Initiative. He worked for several years as a project manager with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Jordan. Since 2006, Anas is a freelance consultant, trainer, and facilitator in the fields of youth participation, intercultural and interfaith dialogue.



The Role of Culture in International Negotiation, The Jordanian-Israeli Peace Negotiation as a Case Study


Research Focus

Culture and Negotiation, Intercultural Dialogue, Interfaith Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution, Middle Eastern studies, and European-Mediterranean relations.



  • The Role of Culture in International Negotiation: the Jordanian-Israeli Peace Negotiation as a Case-Study, unpublished thesis 2012.
  • Curricular & Extracurricular Education / Case study on the Jordan Youth Campaigns and Advocacy (Presented at the UNESCO Conference “Youth at Crossroads” Bahrain 2008).
  • Newspaper Articles on Youth issues (Published regularly in Addustour Newspaper) 2007- 2009.
  • Youth & Elections, 29.11.2007 (The role of youth in the Jordanian parliament elections in 2007)
  • Conference Paper: Youth and Media (Addustour Cultural Center, April 2007).
  • Case Study on the Jordan Youth Forum (Published in Arabic and German part of a Book “Youth & Media and Political Participation” published in Berlin, by the Institute of Foreign Affairs - German Foreign Ministry 2004).
  • Case Study on the National Forum for Youth & Culture (Published in Arabic in a book by the Lebanese Center for Political Studies & Konrad Adenauer Foundation “Arab Youth & Political Engagement” Beirut 2006).
  • Conference Paper: Internet & Youth Participation (Paper delivered during the 2nd Jordan Youth Forum “Youth, Participation & Internet” Amman 2001).